All time favorite Comedy series Amrutham

Amrutham  – Mouna Sangramam

Amrutham is popular sitcom in Telugu. It was produced by JustYellow Media. It is the longest running and most popular sitcom in Telugu.

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AMRUTHAM Amrutha Rao is the main character of the serial. He owns a restaurant called Amrutha vilas.

ANJI Anjaneya Prasad is Amrutha Rao’s partner-cum-chef in the restaurant business. He stays next to his residence and is his family friend.

SANJU Sanjivini is Amrutha Rao’s wife. She is dominant and over-smart.

SHANTHA Shantha is Anji’s wife. She works in the accounts section of a Government corporation.

APPAJI Appaji is the House owner. He regularly has all his meals at the restaurant.He imposes fines and penalties on his tenants for every reason.

SARVAM Sarveshavaran is cook cum server in Amrtham Restaurant

PARANDHAMAYYA Parandhamayya, is father-in-law of Amrutha Rao



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