Story of Young People in today’s generation.

Life of every young people in today’s generation.


In today’s generation young people have many dreams and goals and they are focused to achieve there goals.


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Time to unlearn what our Indian parenting taught us. Presenting you all “Indian, Age 25”, an Independent Film.

This Latest Youthful Comedy Drama is the story of Vijay Kumar, an Unemployed Indian of age 25.


The Story depicts the routine of him who undergoes experiences of every other thriving Youth for success in Love and Life.

 The film tries to showcase the demands of parents and girlfriends that need to be met by Vijay.

As a whole the point conveyed was around the mindset of Indian parents and their closed mind set.


Excellent Short Film by Sasi Kumar Mutthuluri.

Starring : Shiva Kumar R, Gayathri Jujare, Sandeep Bandla, Hari Prasad Chowdary, Krishna Maya Sujatha, Basha


Watch this short film:



Published on 29 Oct 2016.

Music & Sound Design : Baloo Spicy,  Producers : My3 Thrinath, Alivelamma, Kiran Kumar Karnati, Valmiki N, Co-written by: Sandeep Bandla
Written & Directed : Sasi Kumar Mutthuluri



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