Nine pillars of Digital India

Nine Pillars of Digital India


  • Broadband Highways
  • Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity
  • Public Internet Access Program
  • e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology
  • e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services
  • Information for All
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • IT for Jobs
  • Early Harvest Programs


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Broadband Highways

  • This covers three sub segments, to be specific Broadband for All Rural, Broadband for All Urban and National Information Infrastructure.
  • Under Broadband for All Rural, 250 thousand town Panchayats would be secured by December, 2016. Speck will be the Nodal Department and the venture cost is assessed to be roughly Rs. 32,000 Cr.
  • Under Broadband for All Urban, Virtual Network Operators would be utilized for administration conveyance and correspondence foundation in new urban improvement and structures would be ordered.
  • National Information Infrastructure would coordinate the systems like SWAN, NKN and NOFN alongside cloud empowered National and State Data Centers. It will likewise have arrangement for even availability to 100, 50, 20 and 5 government workplaces/benefit outlets at state, locale, square and panchayat levels individually. DeitY will be the nodal office and the venture cost is assessed to associate with Rs 15,686 Cr for execution in 2 years and upkeep and support for a long time.


Widespread Access to Mobile Connectivity

  • The activity is to concentrate on system entrance and fill the holes in availability in the nation.
  • All together 42,300 revealed towns will be secured for giving all inclusive versatile network in the nation.
  • DoT will be the nodal division and venture cost will associate with Rs 16,000 Cr amid FY 2014-18.


Open Internet Access Program

  • The two sub segments of Public Internet Access Program are Common Service Centers and Post Offices as multi-administration focuses.
  • Common Service Centers would be reinforced and its number would be expanded from around 135,000 operational at present to 250,000 i.e. one CSC in every Gram Panchayat. CSCs would be made suitable, multi-practical end-focuses for conveyance of government and business administrations. God would be the nodal division to actualize the plan.
  • A aggregate of 150,000 Post Offices are proposed to be changed over into multi benefit focuses. Bureau of Posts would be the nodal office to execute this plan.


e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology

Government Business Process Re-building utilizing IT to enhance exchanges is the most basic for change crosswise over government and along these lines should be executed by all services/divisions.

The managing standards for transforming government through innovation are:

  • Form improvement and field lessening – Forms ought to be made straightforward and easy to understand and just least and vital data ought to be gathered.
  • Online applications, following of their status and interface between divisions ought to be given.
  • Use of online vaults e.g. school declarations, voter ID cards, and so forth ought to be commanded with the goal that natives are not required to present these records in physical frame.
  • Integration of administrations and stages, e.g. UIDAI, Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and so on ought to be ordered to encourage coordinated and interoperable administration conveyance to nationals and organizations.

Electronic Databases – all databases and data ought to be electronic and not manual.

Work process Automation Inside Government – The work process inside government divisions and organizations ought to be robotized to empower proficient government procedures furthermore to permit perceivability of these procedures to the natives.

Open Grievance Redressal – IT ought to be utilized to computerize, react and dissect information to distinguish and resolve relentless issues. These eventual generally handle upgrades.


e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services

There are 31 Mission Mode Projects under various phases of e-administration extend lifecycle. Promote, 10 new MMPs have been added to e-Kranti by the Apex Committee on National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) headed by the Cabinet Secretary in its meeting hung on eighteenth March 2014.

Innovation for Education – e-Education

  • All Schools will be associated with broadband. Complimentary wireless internet will be given in all optional and higher auxiliary schools (scope would be around 250,000 schools). A program on advanced education would be taken up at the national level. MOOCs –Massive Online Open Courses should be created and utilized for e-Education.

Innovation for Health – e-Healthcare

  • E-Healthcare would cover online therapeutic discussion, online restorative records, online prescription supply, dish India trade for patient data. Pilots should be attempted in 2015 and full scope would be given in 3 years.

Innovation for Farmers

  • This would encourage ranchers to get constant value data, web based requesting of sources of info and online money, advance and alleviation installment with portable managing an account.

Innovation for Security

  • Mobile based crisis administrations and debacle related administrations would be given to natives on constant premise to take prudent steps well in time and minimize loss of lives and properties.

Innovation for Financial Inclusion

  • Financial Inclusion should be reinforced utilizing Mobile Banking, Micro-ATM program and CSCs/Post Offices.

Innovation for Justice

  • Interoperable Criminal Justice System should be reinforced by utilizing e-Courts, e-Police, e-Jails and e-Prosecution.

Innovation for Planning

  • National GIS Mission Mode Project would be actualized to encourage GIS based basic leadership for venture arranging, conceptualization, outline and advancement.

Innovation for Cyber Security

  • National Cyber Security Co-appointment Center would be set up to guarantee sheltered and secure the internet inside the nation.


Information for All

  • Open Data stage and web based facilitating of data and reports would encourage open and simple access to data for subjects.
  • Government should master effectively connect with through web-based social networking and online stages to illuminate natives. has as of now been propelled as a medium to trade thoughts/proposals with Government. It will encourage 2-route correspondence amongst subjects and government.
  • Online informing to nationals on unique events/projects would be encouraged through messages and SMSes.
  • The above would to a great extent use existing framework and would require restricted extra assets.


Electronics Manufacturing

Target NET ZERO Imports is a striking exhibition of purpose.

This eager objective requires composed activity on many fronts

  • Taxation, motivating forces
  • Economies of scale, dispense with cost impediments
  • Focus territories – Big Ticket Items FABS, Fab-less outline, Set top boxes, VSATs, Mobiles, Consumer and Medical Electronics, Smart Energy meters, Smart cards, smaller scale ATMs
  • Incubators, bunches
  • Skill improvement
  • Government acquirement

There are numerous progressing programs which will be calibrated.

Existing structures are insufficient to handle this objective and need fortifying.


IT for Jobs

  • 1 Cr understudies from littler towns and towns will be prepared for IT segment occupations more than 5 years. God would be the nodal division for this plan.
  • BPOs would be set up in each north-eastern state to encourage ICT empowered development in these states. God would be the nodal division for this plan.
  • 3 lakh benefit conveyance specialists would be prepared as a major aspect of ability improvement to run suitable organizations conveying IT administrations. Divinity would be the nodal office for this plan.
  • 5 lakh country workforce would be prepared by the Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to oblige their own particular needs. Branch of Telecom (DoT) would be the nodal office for this plan.


Early Harvest Programs

IT Platform for Messages

A Mass Messaging Application has been created by DeitY that will cover chose agents and all Government workers. 1.36 Cr mobiles and 22 Lakh messages are a piece of the database.

Government Greetings to be e-Greetings

  • Basket of e-Greetings layouts have been made accessible. Swarm sourcing of e-Greetings through MyGov stage has been guaranteed. E-Greetings gateway has been made live on fourteenth August 2014.

Biometric participation

  • It will cover all Central Govt. Workplaces in Delhi and is as of now operational in DeitY and has been started in the Department of Urban Development. On-boarding has likewise begun in different divisions.

Wi-Fi in All Universities

  • All colleges on the National Knowledge Network (NKN) might be secured under this plan. Service of HRD is the nodal service for actualizing this plan.

Secure Email inside Government

  • Email would be the essential method of correspondence.
  • Phase-I upgradation for 10 lakh representatives has been finished. In Phase II, framework would be further moved up to cover 50 lakh representatives by March 2015 at a cost of Rs 98 Cr. Divinity is the nodal office for this plan.

Institutionalize Government Email Design

  • Standardised formats for Government email are under planning and would be prepared by October 2014. This would be executed by DeitY.

Open Wi-fi hotspots

  • Cities with populace of more than 1 million and visitor focuses would be given open wi-fi hotspots to advance computerized urban communities. The plan would be actualized by DoT and MoUD.

Textbooks to be eBooks

  • All books might be changed over into eBooks. Min. of HRD/DeitY would be the nodal organizations for this plan.

SMS based climate data, disaster cautions

  • SMS based climate data and fiasco cautions would be given. Divinity’s Mobile Seva Platform is as of now prepared and accessible for this reason. MoES (IMD)/MHA (NDMA) would be the nodal associations for actualizing this plan.

National Portal for Lost and Found kids

This would encourage ongoing data assembling and sharing on the lost and discovered kids and would go far to check wrongdoing and enhance convenient reaction.

DeitY/DoWCD would be the nodal divisions for this venture.

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