Farmers are Important Thank A Farmer

Farmers are important without them we would not be able to eat food they grow.

Not only are farmers important to food production, but also fuel and fiber production.


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Another huge reason farmers are important are the creation of jobs in the world. It is estimated that agriculture is the world’s largest provider of jobs at nearly 40% of the population. Within this 40% are jobs such as agri-science, transportation, horticulture, soil science, forestry, and meat science to name a few.


“Farmers: Growing Green Fields And A Green Environment.”

“If You Ate Today, Thank A Farmer.”


Excellent Short Film by Kishorudu on Farmers.

Watch this Short Film:

Published on Oct 27, 2016.   “Sreekaram” directed by Kishorudu.

Co-producer: Suvvari Avinash Naidu.
Producers: Rajesh Yabaji & Vinod Reddi.
Written & directed by Kishorudu.