Chitika best alternative for Google Adsense

Chitika is a best alternative for Google Adsense advertising network.

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 If you have less traffic  to your website (i.e. less than 500 users ) also you can earn a minimum of Rs 5000 easily.


Chitika is one of the best advertising network in the world. In 2003, co-founders Venkat Kolluri and Alden Dorosario started Chitika before this they worked for search engine based company Lycos.


After Google Adsense Chitika is the second highest Advertising network. It is located in West Borough, Massachusetts United States.


Chitika is a telugu word meaning “Snap of Fingers”.  Means the Ads will be served very quickly  to our website.


In Chitika till now around 3,50,000 members published are there and around 200 employees are there. Compared to Adsense we can create the account and get the approval quickly, because of this we can earn more money. Chitika serves upto 4billion Ads per month.


Features of Chitika:

Chitika is the first alternative to google Adsense. This is best suitable for the beginners. Chitika approves the website which has low traffic also. Customer service is also very good. It hasa easy accessible User Interface. We can easily add the Ads to our website.


We can see how much amount we have earned through Chitika by  Preview option. This option is not available in Adsense, with this preview option we can also check how the Ads will look in our website.


Chitika also provides the Ads based on the keyword searches, so we can easily earn a good amount.


Coming to Performance:

Chitika has two  types of Ads format CPC,CPM but when compared to Adsense the income come from this is less. But, if you get the traffic from US, Canada countries then you will get a better income. If you get traffic only from India then you will earn less amount.


Chitika’s Service:

Details of Chitika will be available in the FAQ’s of Chitika website like how to open account and how to create Ads each and every information is available here. If you have any questions you can ask in contact forum or you can drop a mail.


Selecting the products for Publishers:

Publishers can choose the Ads format and they can change the Ads format according to their website.

The important thing is that we can block some Ads which are not suitable by using the filter option and give the keywords which are not required to your website.





To apply for Chitika just click on the below link



and you can Signup quickly. After signingup just add your website and it will get approved within 48hours.



  • No Minimum Traffic Requirement.
  • Easy Approval Process.
  • Low Minimum Payout 10$ through Paypal.
  • Easy to Use .
  • Can use along with Adsense.



  • Low Earnings.




If you are creating a new website or your website is not approved by Adsense then Chitika is the best option.




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